Manala Nail Centre

Menu for Manala Nail Centre – Patricia Thabethe

By appointment only


Acrylic Nails clear tipsR200
Acrylic Nails french tipsR200
New Set colour tipsR250
Soak-off onlyR50
Soak off with paint addR70
New Set French gelR210
New Set colour gelR200
Nail art per nailR10
Nail repair per nailR15
Paint onlyR40
French onlyR50
Paraffin DipR50
Nail formR10


Hands and Feet - Senior Citizen

New Set Acrylic with clear tipR150
New Set Acrylic with French tipR160
New Set colour gelR120
New Set French gelR130


Pedicure and Manicure

Pedicure with colour paintR110
Pedicure with French paintR100
Manicure with colour paintR80
Manicure with French paintR100


Gents Pedicure

Gents pedicureR80
Toe nail cutR30


Hands and Feet - Essie

Pedicure with colour paintR150
Pedicure with French paintR160
Mini - Pedicure with colour gelR170
Mini-Pedicure with French gelR180
Manicure with colour paintR150
Manicure with French paintR160
Mini - Manicure with colour gelR100
Mini - Manicure with French gelR120
Spa Pedicure with paintR200
Spa Pedicure with colour gelR210
Spa Manicure with paintR190
Spa ManPicure with gelR200


Individual Eyelash Extensions

New SetR400
Fill 2 weeksR75
Fill 2 weeksR125
Fill 3 weeksR175



By appointment only


Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to ensure maximum treatment time


Your scheduled treatments are reserved


A 24 hour notification of cancellation is kindly requested


Please note: Should you arrive late for an appointment, the therapist will provide as much of the treatment as possible in the remaining time allocated for your appointment.


Contact details: – 073 190 3717 or 081 099 9495